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Size Shouldn’t Have A Label




Extra Large: 

we really wonder why these words were even termed to define a body type?

We are not emotionless objects or things; we are human beings with feelings….

CHAM CHAM is not just a clothing brand selling pretty outfits. We are here to make a significant change. It starts with how we design and progresses with how you experience our label in its holistic being.

As they say - age is just a number so why should your size be any different?

in case the world has made you forget - Your size is only a number; you are not a label to be boxed in and that label that you call yourself or opt into buying when at a store definitely isn't who you are so let's snap out of it already.

At CHAM CHAM, we believe in terming our sizes according to your bust measurement. When you choose your size, you are only choosing a number.

No more tags or words that scream or are synonymous with “you’re too tiny” or “you’re a plus size”. Our garments are made to fit & compliment you, our soul purpose at Label CHAM CHAM is to make you feel beautiful & comfortable in your skin - period.

When you receive your CHAM CHAM outfit your garment will have a tag for sure but there will never be a sizing label mentioned on it.

Your confidence, your aura, your personality defines you - not your size and we strive to always be a part of that beautiful feeling.


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