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CHAM CHAM is a brand that stands to be lavish, upscale & bold. With its artistic drapes & flattering silhouettes, label CHAM CHAM brings in a spirit of confidence to your feminine touch & glamorous side alike.

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Founder Naina Seth believes in minimal aesthetics with an intriguing impact.

Balancing experimentation through design coupled with a strong attention to practicality while catering to customer relationship & service has always been a number one priority for Naina.


Beginning her journey from India & expanding worldwide with a headquarter base in Dubai, it's been quite a journey. She embarked on her fashion entrepreneurial stint in 2011 with her namesake label Naina Seth which serves looks for women that are modern & stylish with an Indian soul & a global heart - the final output; fresh, feminine & forward-looking designs. Adding to the design house came NA-KA in 2019, a brand that is all about size fluidity, light as air fits & any time anywhere dressing.



Having spent a major chunk of her time during the last few years in Dubai, Dubai’s opulence and lavish lifestyle merged with its design led architecture that embellishes the city with mesmerizing illumination really strung a chord in her to launch another label with a niche of redefined bling clubbed with utmost sophistication & functionality at its core essence.


CHAM CHAM is luxe but never loud. It's an experience that seeks to be felt and be part of every wardrobe. It's glamorous yet modern, even futuristic.

Going by the name CHAM CHAM literally meaning gleaming shine, our brand's vision & motto is to consistently create wearable art that speaks to you in all its magnificent splendor.

Welcome to the world of CHAM CHAM.

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