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Metallic Fits For The Win! Come Day Or Night

Metallic fits are here to stay! 

But wait a minute I'm sure you are immediately associating shimmer & shine with party wear. 

Gotcha! It's time to celebrate yourself and rock a metallic look come day or night.

Let's try and inspire you to do more with your CHAM CHAM outfits by wearing them with charisma & confidence any time of the day!

1. Make the bold choice 

Why not add shine & glamour to your everyday look?

Fashion choices are personal, so ask yourself do you like wearing outfits that make you feel like a diva? If the answer is yes - stick to your true sense of style. Choosing to wear metallic during the day makes you a showstopper and for all the right reasons!

2. Balance the look with styling

 Keep your ensemble minimal, straightforward and comfortable & voila you have a day-appropriate look. 

Pro Tip - Wear your CHAM CHAM co-ords & dresses with sneakers and watch the magic unfold.

3. Choose Fun

Grab the opportunity to add sparkle & joy to your day. Feel festive & show off your personality & creativity. Experimentation is key. 

4. Break the mental block 

Of course, metallic dresses, gowns, co-ords & jumpsuits are made for formal occasions. But whoever said that they cannot be versatile? It's the 21st century. Let's wear, re-wear & repeat. 

It's time to explore your formal wear wardrobe and make them work for various occasions & moods

As for the night time look, we need not say much except - GO ALL OUT. Sequin over sequins, metallic over metallic, it should scream GO BIG OR GO HOME cuz why not? Indulge in our day-to-night shimmer fits on Personalize them according to your events or style by getting in touch with us. 


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