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Reasons Why You Should Pick Drapes

What is draping in fashion

The process of positioning and pinning the fabric on a dress form is called draping. 

In our Founder’s eyes, draping is an art form to organically create designs by playing with fabric on the drape form. She believes in this intuitive process & is building her legacy around draping one outfit at a time in her Naina Seth Design House.

Below we list to you the reasons why you should pick drapes as your next purchase. 

  • With drapes in your wardrobe, one can go as minimal to as extravagant as you like.

  • A garment with draping gives visual appeal - Your outfit could be completely un-accessorized yet with our movement making drapes, you have a masterpiece to adorn.

  • Flaunt them for any occasion - Draped outfits can be styled up for a gala event or even toned down for a corporate event. It's an all time life savior. 

  • Draped outfits add effortless style to your closet, they are comfortable & very versatile. 

  • Specifically our draped styles project the most beautiful optical illusion that design can create.

  • They unleash your inner goddess & make you embrace your beauty & confidence. 

Our draping philosophy is intuitive, flowing & infused with authenticity. We do not sketch any of our designs, it is an art that takes shape real time as we drape and become one with the fabric.

No matter what year it may be or what day a draped outfit is going to keep your style statement timeless, elegant and extravagant throughout its lifetime. 

Indulge in our world of draped gowns, draped dresses & draped co-ord styles on


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